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What We Offer

Our goal is to create a supportive community that bolsters families during their homeschooling adventure. We offer a rich and diverse selection of opportunities to meet our families' needs.



Grammar Stage (K4-6th)
This stage is focused on laying foundational knowledge in all areas of study. Our elementary-age program focuses on memory work, utilizing Claritas Publishing's Memory Work Guide. Each week, students learn New Grammar (memory work) in nine subjects: scripture, hymns, English grammar, Latin, science, history, geography, mathematics, and Timeline. Students also deliver a 2-3 minute presentation, play memory work review games, complete a science demonstration or experiment, and create a piece of art based on a famous artist/painting.

Logic Stage (6th-8th)
This stage takes the foundational knowledge gained in the Grammar stage and expounds on it. Our middle school students have classes in five subjects: apologetics, composition, literature, logic, and science. While there is still an element of memorization, instruction is tailored to the emerging desire of students in this stage to argue and begin asking difficult questions about their world. Analysis and critical reasoning are the chief mental acts of this stage. Developmentally, logic students learn best through debate and discussion.

Rhetoric Stage (9th-12th)
The student of rhetoric marries the foundational knowledge gained in grammar school with the analytical skills of the logic stage and begins producing and defending his/her own ideas. Thesis defense and eloquent written and oral communication are the hallmarks of the rhetoric stage. Our high school program offers classes in rhetoric, history, composition & literature, apologetics, and science.


Field trips are organized and coordinated by parent volunteers. In the past, students have attended a lecture on black holes, toured the Cleveland Art Museum, visited Port Farms, enjoyed a show at the Yahn Planetarium, participated in the Erie Philharmonic's Musicalympics program, and watched The Nutcracker.



To keep things fun on Community Day, we schedule dress-up days such as Crazy Christmas, Color Clash Day, and Crazy Hair Day. We also hold a Young Entrepreneurs Mall each year where students have the opportunity set up shops to sell their handmade wares.



Families often get together for lunch or playdates outside of Community Day. We also plan Mom's Night Out events.



One of our board members is a proctor of The Iowa Tests, so in the spring we typically offer standardized testing dates for all grades.